The 12 days of Christmas: chocolate bark

On the second day of Christmas…..

Sorry to disappoint, but don’t expect to find a recipe here for roasted dove.  Maybe some day you will, but I’m opting for a quicker, sweeter ode to ye olde turtle dove, in the form of chocolate. 

Chocolate bark is one of my favorite holiday treats because it is festive and really simple.  I usually don’t love a recipe merely for its simplicity, but we all want a few trusty standbys that you can have on hand for impromptu cocktail parties, wassailing neighbors, and the steady stream of crazy relatives around. 

In honor of those two little turtle doves, I give you chocolate bark two ways even though I can think of about a dozen tasty combinations to try.  Playing with white and dark chocolate, infusing the chocolate with herbs (rosemary, lavender) or citrus zest, using various candied (ginger, orange peel) and dried (apricots, cherries, mangoes) fruits, nuts, candies, or even caramel atop your bark are all experiments I encourage you to try.  I sprinkled orange zest on top of one half of my bark, but would easily use it in the chocolate mixture itself.  Instead, I found a little chai tea packet and wanted to give it a try, thinking it would go well with all the other items I had lined up as toppers. 

Chocolate Bark Two Ways (makes a dinner plate-sized portion)

15 oz. chocolate of your choice–I used 60% cacao

sprinkling of chai tea powder

peppermint candies (I love the white chocolate and peppermint Hershey’s kisses)

zest of one clementine

handful of dried cranberries

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler over simmering water, adding the chai tea powder when the chocolate is about halfway melted.  Once melted, immediately pour chocolate mixture onto a sheet pan covered in parchment paper, aiming for a rectangular shape. 

Immediately sprinkle one half of the rectangle with peppermint candies, and the other with the dried cranberries and zest.  Set the tray in the fridge until chocolate hardens (less than one hour), and break hardened bark apart to serve.

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