Black and yellow black and yellow…..and purple, red, and white potato salad with homemade mayonnaise

Although I suppose I could have easily created some sort of simple corn and black bean dish in honor of the Bruins last week, I decided on this more delicious and equally colorful potato salad–complete with homemade mayo!  Perfect for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, I paired this side dish with hard-boiled eggs, cheese, and salad one night for a cold supper, grilled sausages on another, and even munched on it for lunch alone one day.

If you haven’t made your own mayonnaise before…

I highly recommend it!

Particularly if you’re using farm fresh eggs like I did, homemade mayo has infinitely more flavor than the store-bought stuff, so I encourage you to use it in dishes like this where the mayonnaise essentially acts as the sauce.  Even though most people don’t think of using mayo as a dip or sauce, it is so easy to add variations of spices, herbs, citrus, and even vegetables to create the perfect dollop for a crostini, dip for crudité, or personalized tartar sauce.

Potato salad with lemon mayo 

For roughly 4 side servings: 1 lb. (at least!) small, whole potatoes or larger potatoes diced, skin on and blanched in boiling salted water, drained, and cooled

2 stalks celery, cleaned and finely diced

1 large farm fresh egg yolk

1 lemon, zested

squeeze of lemon juice

handful of chopped basil, parsley, or other herbs of your choice

pinch of salt

pinch of cayenne pepper or dry mustard (not for flavor, but for emulsifying properties)

1 cup canola oil

In a mixing bowl, beat egg yolk and cayenne/dry mustard with a whisk or beaters until it becomes pale and increases in volume.  Whisking/beating constantly, slowly add the oil, teaspoon by teaspoon, forming an emulsion.  After about half of the oil has been incorporated, slowly pour the rest of the oil into the mayonnaise in a steady stream.  Beat until fluffy and pale yellow in color.  Add salt and lemon zest and juice.

Combine cooled potatoes with mayonnaise, chopped celery and herbs, and adjust seasoning as needed.  Lasts several days in the fridge.

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