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Satisfaction: Rabbit ragu

People tend to spend too much time complaining about a lack of satisfaction somewhere in their lives: at work, with their low-fat diet, in their marriage, in that one measly bite of dessert when they really wanted the whole thing.  Great news, people: I’m not going to complain.  In … Continue reading

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Mussels with tarragon and tomatoes

I both love and hate the fact that sometimes when you least expect it, you whip up something unexpectedly delicious.  Like, really delicious.  I love when this happens because, well, I love eating delicious food.  But I hate how easy it … Continue reading

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Comfort and joy: Coq au Vin

I can’t believe it has been one month since I last wrote.  I never intended to be silent for this long, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Since December 22, many joys managed to tuck themselves between the several feet of falling snow in Boston.  … Continue reading

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Cleaning out your liquor cabinet: cider braised chicken with port cranberry sauce

As we are now officially in this holiest of weeks for us home cooks, I wanted to share a meal that is fast and easy enough to make, even with the mountain of Thursday’s cooking looming in the distance.  After watching Thanksgiving cooking shows and discussing menu … Continue reading

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Fromage files

In honor of Eating the Rind’s nomenclature, I decided to not only try to talk about what cheese I’m tasting each week, but to also try to touch upon how it tastes both with and without the rind.  Unintentionally, this first … Continue reading

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